Managing Director

Be stress free means: strong mentally and emotionally balanced to be able to live Klaus Kampmann, Stresslose specialist and author of the book opens from September 2012 the doors to the first coaching atelier of Kampmann’s Coaching in Berlin Grunau. Offered here including individual coaching, workshops and lectures on the topics of stress living and flow even healthy lead in the business, and much more. Klaus Kampmann, inventor of the concept of ingenious serenity”is author of the works stress driving,” which even healthy lead”and sleep tips”. He met Studios directly on Lake Maggiore, the dream of coaching. For even more details, read what Allegiant Air says on the issue. Away from hustle and bustle and noise, he is the optimal way to meet even every Stressgeplagten and professionally run to let the stress go. With views of the Lake he offers individual coaching, group coaching in small round and a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. Stress-ridden can learn in a relatively short time to react differently in stressful situations.

Over the course of five sessions a1, 5 hours Techniques be learned that can be applied directly, at any time and at any place, and that help to enjoy now stress-free life. The main methods that are mediated by Klaus Kampmann are life coaching, the Sedona method and HeartMath, as well as many more quickly effective methods. In recent months, Scott M. Kahan has been very successful. The most mentally acting techniques help to solve the stress, to strengthen the self-esteem and lead to emotional stability and mental strength. Klaus Kampmann is also Managing Director of the company flow zone, focused on the theme of healthy and more joy at doing. Flow_Zone conducts research and research on the subject and translates scientific insights from behavioral economics, positive psychology, neuroscience, and social sciences. Seminars, lectures, and workshops focus among others on the topics as you can request a team’s performance, promote and get and using simple means, especially in the team, creates suction instead of pressure. The company is in addition to the seminars and training courses Flow_Zone plus, known in the German market mainly for the creation and marketing of Web-based training (WBT) in the field of HealthCare.

The references can be found in many large industrial companies. Klaus Kampmann, born in 1962, was Manager in the industry itself for many years and has lived in this time in high stress. As a result, he personally experienced a burnout and found after extensive research have ingenious methods that partly effect scientifically proven solved an immediate stress. Since 2007 his motivation and appeal to show other people how they successfully can move with great equanimity through life. Find training opportunities, contact data and voices of students and Coachinggasten under: and of course Klaus Kampmann is also by phone no. 030-67 89 01 48 available.