Mahatma Gandhi Man

Man? 1:41 ‘We ourselves must become the changes that are going to see in the world’ Mahatma Gandhi Man. Who is this man? Many believe that man is some kind of ability to think, create, to love, but based on my non-large life experience gave me the impression that a person can only destroy. We live on this planet use to their advantage by spending its resources, destroy wildlife, and many think that we create. I am human and I sometimes become ashamed of the fact that I live in an environment where nature is not among existence, but a means. Yes, I do not deny that there are good aspects of our existence: the presence of love, compassion, presence, well, well, even love nature exists. But how many such examples? One, two, three, how much? I know many good people, they are kind, intelligent, fair, but his mental ability to send the wrong direction. Blame them? None. They live simply in such conditions.

We all live in conditions of war, corruption, lies, anger, lack of money. And what do you think about what would think such a person. And we’re all bad? None. There is no “good” or “bad” people we are always moving forward, changing due to our life experience, which shapes the mind. “Quality” of a person (if at all, so to speak) directly connected with education, ie, in faith, ethics and principles that surround us from childhood. This simple truth ignored by society, and today people primitively think that competition, greed and corruption – is innate elements of human behavior. Therefore, we are creating a jail supervisors and the hierarchy of differential control.

All of this only in order that society can with these “tendencies” as a fight. This is absolutely the wrong approach. In the end, to fundamentally change things, we must begin with the roots of the problem, ie, the reasons for its occurrence. Our public system of “punishment” is outdated. They are inhumane and counterproductive. When a serial killer is caught, the public demands the death of this man. This, again, at odds with a view to eliminating the Consequently, instead of reason. Modern society has focused all attention only on the surface of the problem, not noticing the main thing. If our society was sane, then we would have acted quite differently. To solve such problems, you need to become familiar with the “essence” of man and how it is affected by the existing social system, what are the real causes of violence, etc. We are the people – that means in our hands there is a possibility change things, to create the conditions which will be produced this feeling, sincere kindness and love for others. We should be proud of their civilization, but this one has to change himself. ‘Give meaning to each moment, hours and days of relentless running, then the whole world you will take as the domain, then, my son, thou shalt be a man!