Look Deep

I am not an expert in political science or human rights as it may be many of you, but I think that I am not blind (not yet) to see how much pain there is already so long ago in our country. Those who make up this conflict? Which for me has not had any sense, believe that the answer to many would immediately come to their heads, could perhaps be: all those who seek power, or perhaps with own titles: guerrilla, paramilitaries, urban crime, drug traffickers, particular interest gangs who seek to gain recognition of a territory, with its very common slogan look for places without anti-social justifying then the so-called: social cleansing. Who are they? It is perhaps a question that us assails many, accompanied by other questions such as: is it possible that they want the common good?

As they say what its organizers, but those who have become his victims support that theory of the common good? I am not speaking only of those who died victims of their hands that knife the weapon that blinded them forever, also bring your family and friends, because they are those who actually suffered the consequences, stayed here, thinking of them that already were wondering: if they were bad why did not have the opportunity to change? All those people who after their organizations will hide behind, are not also part of Colombia?, and if so where were the sense of homeland which we inherited from our elders left? are not also Colombians who died at their hands? And if they said that they were fighting for the people, what killed them?, they were also part of the town. And if fighting for the common good: why finished whole populations of the most defenseless people?, as they then these peoples nor were the people?. Who spoke for them? Who defended them? Do those families who approached and gave solace? Who He lived about the tragedy of those settlers who lost everything? as a democratic country that we are (this is an idea that we have gotten from children), is the Government who candle by the interests of the people (do not coincide in ideology with the previous ones?), but what have been done by the people? Why we are a developing country still? Why are living for some conditions not so fortunate? Why the so-called military mistakes against civilians? By what these rulers don’t have clear policies to govern? Which one can exit in clean and say: I worked for mine which politician left in the endearing memory of some Colombian by improvements in the quality of life?