Latvia Projects

The platform for the cooperation of TeamLab published the mobile version of the module “Projects”. August 2011, Riga, Latvia. Ascensio system SIA released a mobile version of Teamlab “Projects”. The new module, designed for popular Android and iOS devices allows TeamLab users to manage their projects and on the way to monitor the performance of all tasks. “The developer of solutions for corporate use Ascensio system SIA brings to the market a fully functional mobile version of module projects”, which is a part of the TeamLab platform for project management and collaboration. Now, TeamLab users will receive a virtual analogue of Office activities. The Projects mobile module includes a complete set of tools for the control and participation in projects outside the Office: Project Manager and team members browse projects create tasks and leave comments, open and manage milestones, participate in discussions part and watch the activities of the project team. The new module allows users to track the most recent changes and to discuss business problems around the clock.

Thanks to the web-optimized interface, the comprehensive functionality for the project management, the mobile TeamLab version ensures a smooth navigation and efficient performance on the Android and iOS devices. TeamLab-projects, which were developed for the Web, offer important advantages for a quick work in comparison with native applications. The user interface optimized for mobile devices is used for easy access by multiple portable devices always up-to-date content on a corporate TeamLab portal. The procedure requires no additional downloads, no manual updates, and no connection to every single mobile device. “Thanks to the growing popularity of Web applications need the free Wi-Fi connection and favourable tariffs for the Internet for mobile devices, the team leader no longer work all the time in the Office to spend. “The mobile version of Teamlab projects” enables you to have a virtual office, always at hand, regardless of your location. She take no space, not much traffic and helps you efficiently manage your work time and effort”, so Antony Smirnov, project manager at Ascensio system SIA.

“” The module projects “an important extension of the existing mobile TeamLab version representing the already the engine community” includes. In contrast to most Web applications in this category that offer functionality for cooperation or for project management, TeamLab includes two units, so that users could work online worldwide efficiently together. Advanced flexibility and functionality for the execution of the tasks on the way TeamLab device into the spotlight under the Web applications for business use. Via TeamLab TeamLab platform is a corporate platform for document and project management. TeamLab includes a number of online tools that help employees prepare their business tasks, exchanging news, maintain internal company documents, and to communicate in real time. TeamLab is offered in three solutions: as cloud-based SaS application, open source software and Amazon machine image (AMI TeamLab) for the Amazon EC2 service.