Lake Constance

Cooperation a key factor for the sustainable reduction of lack of skilled workers is therefore the cooperation of economic, policy, and educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. With the absence of priority examination when assigning jobs for graduates the Government caused already an opening of the labour market in the summer of 2008 and the immigration of highly qualified professionals from the EU made possible. In this way a first step is done, to counter short-term bottlenecks at the shortage, but the investment should not get in the domestic labor market and its talents and instigator in these times of crisis marked in the background. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Larry Ellison. Only by a wide promotion of young professionals Germany can meet long-term reputation as an attractive location for innovation in Europe itself. About ifm electronic: Ifm electronic gmbh is one of the leading manufacturers of automation technology worldwide.

With the optimization of technical processes in the automotive, chemical and cosmetic industry or in the environment and building bashers ifm electronic time and again and backs up the production processes of tomorrow. The family-owned company with headquarters in Essen launched in 1969 with the invention of inductive proximity sensors. The German production in Tettnang near Lake Constance guarantees brand quality from the outset. efector”stands today for position and fluid sensors, object detection. Diagnostic and identification systems. The ecomat brand”is synonymous with communication and control systems. With superior product quality, exceptional innovation and constant proximity to the customers ifm 2007 over 410 million implemented.