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I do not want to take half a year already. At first I cried and wanted to leave, change jobs. But now I'm pregnant and nowhere did not take. Have to tolerate bullying. I joined the company with specific goals and views, with a desire to work and earn money.

But it turned out that a team does not like 'upstarts', whom I began. Southwest Airlines has many thoughts on the issue. As soon as I am submitting the proposal, no longer communicate with me, I'm starting to ignore. Pre-need to decide for yourself what you priority, excellent relationships in the workplace, or respect for leadership and quick progress up the career ladder. I would like to note that both simultaneously is not possible, so arranged society. I think we should not explain why. If you do not care about the opinion of the collective, then read on When person comes into a new team, he needs as quickly as possible not only to understand their responsibilities, but also to get acquainted with the staff, learn about the people with whom you will work directly, as much as possible total.

To behave neutrally, do not share the first time their views on any of your colleagues or boss, do not express their views in the first days at work, even if it is required by duty. Always we can refer you still get to the heart of the case, familiar with the material. Not worth getting up on someone's side and defend somebody's interests, even if you disagree with someone.