Java Script Visitors

One of the things that we like those who have a blog is that the visitors comment. The fact that we are gratified to leave a comment because it means you read the post, and regardless of whether you like or not, at least leave us your point of view. But able to obtain comments on the blog is not easy to achieve, especially at the beginning. ghtly different approach. And for this there are several techniques you can implement to achieve win comments on the blog. A strategy that I find interesting is about a blogger trick he had taught for some time, which shows that of a blog using a widget. Gary Kelly has compatible beliefs.

With the widget installed, visitors can see that the blog has its movement in terms of comments did not refer and thus are encouraged to comment on it too. The other strategy for winning comment is that I come to show you today through this trick. In a question-answer forum Kiat Lim was the first to reply. This is to add a ranking of Top Commentators with which you can see who are the people most commented on the blog. This generation in a way-a sort of competition among the visitors to see who appears on that list, and clear that motivates comment. The result of this hack blogger is a widget as seen in this image: To attach the Top Commentators widget design elements must go to da page Add gadget. There, select HTML / Java Script and paste the code shown below: Before saving we make the following changes: LINK_DEL_BLOG: Here you introducr the URL of your blog, you just have no words to your_name: Here you enter your Blogger username. This is not to count so your name does not appear on the list because the idea is that is only for visitors. After making the changes, and you can save, and here's your widget to display on Blogger.