Iuventus Media Launches

Iuventus media – until now a pure Internet Agency – expands its offer and starts now also a PC repair service which was full service online agency of iuventus media founded in early 2010 by Christoph Lemke. This was already successful with the youth FM youth radio, a pregnancy Forum and many other small to medium-sized Internet projects. So it was time to set up an agency – the iuventus media was created. The name comes from the Latin and means youth media”, reference to the most successful of his projects: youth FM youth radio on the Internet. Until recently, the Agency offered only services relating to websites.

For example, the programming or search engine optimization. But iuventus media took over also the design of Web sites, the server support, hosting and marketing of Web projects. Now a short time later the founder has come up with something new. A computer repair service for Paderborn citizens. The idea arose when enlisted a friend with him and asked whether Christoph Lemke himself not even look at his computer could. On the same day, it was clear: A Paderborn computer emergency service you need. Said than done: the iuventus media offers now a repair service for PCs and laptops and that’s not all, customers can take over the computer and thus save yourself the travel costs. Who does not want to come, the iuventus media for which offers also an in-place service. For more information on pc help Christoph Lemke – iuventus media