Intercultural Training Italy

Competence key to success since the euro crisis is the focus of those countries into intercultural also Italy, who are in financial difficulties at the southern edge of Europe. The recent parliamentary elections, also led to a political stalemate between the camps that want to consolidate the country’s debt situation through a sound fiscal and economic policies with an austerity program, and reject those that the austerity measures in February 2013. Silvio Berlusconi’s return to the political stage is not always met with approval. However, is and remains an economic heavyweight in Europe Italy. Reason enough, not with the Italian mentality to consider, if you want to do business in or with Italy. The recent development, which appears not always understandable from a German perspective, underlines the need to deal also with the lesser-known or obvious aspects of Italian values and settings.

Many companies, beyond the burner and other regions of the world do business, have made the development of intercultural competence of their staff to a core of personnel development measures. For even if Italy and its inhabitants seem so close and so familiar from many vacations or business contacts to us, it is just the non-obvious differences that can influence success or failure, or even make up. In intercultural training Italy, participants through practical exercises and case studies learn management as they efficiently can – deal with specific challenges of the country of destination, for example, target-oriented strategies in negotiations or professional customers suppliers. Intercultural training Italy – offer of global cultures global cultures Academy for intercultural management intercultural training Italy offers to attract those who need or want to meet new challenges in Italy. At the same time the supply of those is an in-depth understanding of the Italian, Mentality about the daily experiences, wishing to gain. Because often experienced executives can assess reactions or actions without knowing the underlying cause. Essential intercultural competence for specific intercultural communication and smooth collaboration conveyed in country-specific intercultural training in Italy with international partners. Furthermore, cultures globally offers packages to organizational development and business events to bring cultural diversity in entertaining and thus sustainable way a larger group of participants.