Happiness is pleasure to the sages. Every minute, hour, day which allows us to live, we must do so knowing intensely seize the opportunity that is given to us, because we don’t know how long remains of life, unfortunately, is a reality that we must be prepared to deal with it. Facts that we ignore, an accident, a cardiac arrest, which can make us disappear from this scenario and not may occur at any time as disfutamos as it should be, we were not attentive to know take the time that is given us. He has been written, that time as past and future belong to the mind, not at the time. At the time only the present belongs to him. Read more here: Verizon Communications. But then it is difficult to call it this because, linguistically, for us this is something between the past and the future. Refers to the past, refers to the future.

There’s no past nor future then the present word lost all meaning.It is known that Eckhart said that there is no time, only the eternal ‘now’. Some contend that E Scott Mead shows great expertise in this. There is a ‘now’ eternal and a Infinity here. When I say there only say this in reference to the site in which we are, but would only have here. If I were not here, where would be the here and what place would be ‘there’? In reference to myself, called the nearest place here, and to which is not close called it there. Where just the here and there begins? We can not delimit it. In all reality is a here, a here infinity. do by than infinity? because the only thing we have is the present, we can dream, project, remember, but that is backward or forward in time irretrievably the now, the past and future are tools, dimensions that they allow us to learn and to know where we are going, but this is the moment, today, tomorrow will be today also and so .then, that today is the fruit of learning of yesterday, and the seed of tomorrow, in that today Toast for life, so it brought us up here, and for the good that will come, for all things that we enjoy.