Imported Products

German entrepreneurs in the United States who as freshly baked coming from Germany US contractor it is that Americans generally find good everything and buy, from good old Germany comes, is probably too simple the thing. An import of German products for the U.S. market as a basis for business but by no means is no chance. As so often, is the skill of the operator and a basic analysis, whether the market is a chance the product at all. Max Karagoz know if yes, an import business can be quite a chance German immigrants, to secure a livelihood in the United States with a company”, the company Alton LLC (

Many of his customers are German and German-speaking, who settle in the United States and with a limited liability company (LLC) or a U.S. Corporation doing business there. You may find that baby clothes can contribute to your knowledge. He has met many a German immigrant, who now lives as a successful entrepreneur in the United States. Businesses with German products in the United States to must actually only once visit websites like Then, you can quickly see that there are a whole series of small and larger enterprises, which do business in the United States with German products. There are with roller shutter, rustic seating corners and Windows from Germany.

House of Hesse with headquarters in the United States sold Meanwhile German Christmas articles and is likely to make good deals at least in the last months of the year. And the existing already since 1875 Merz apothecary sells brands such as 4711, Nivea or Demeter now also via the Internet. German books seem to serve a niche in the United States, also what about sites like prove. “” Not every business with imports from Germany may be enough to finance his entire life in the United States”, says Max Karagoz, but even if such a business only”slightly the livelihood contributes to, a lot can be gained”.