Identity Advertising

In addition, the market usually serve several producers of goods of the same genus. In such conditions, advertising is not entitled to dwell on the properties of goods, reducing the impression of him in the eyes of potential .Maksimum that it can – is silent about them, pushing as opposed to authentic and unique properties and advantages. Selectivity with respect to information transmitted by advertising their destinations, and features an advertisement on the objective study of the product and its description. Times naive simpletons long since passed. People became more educated, more intelligent, and most importantly, incredulously. Truthfulness, evidence of advertising – absolutely a requirement.

If your advertising is deceiving customers' expectations, you never sell the advertised product is secondary. An important point in the advertising message is an indication of the price of tovar.Vo First, it saves you the time to answer phone calls and letters. Second potential the buyer's imagination will play the situation with the acquisition of goods (if it is satisfied with the price of course), imagine yourself the owner in the future it will already be difficult to abandon the purchase. American Studies Marketers have shown that an increase in advertising costs by 1% leads to an average increase in turnover by 3%. But it is also clear that an increase in advertising costs nothing to give, if the advertised goods do not conform market needs or is not true chosen means of advertising. The influence of advertising is not determined by how much money spent, but how they spent, what is said to customers, in what form to say where it is said, and how often it .Reklama itself is not able to compensate for low quality goods. But a good product – just half the story. As practice shows, the company can not successfully compete in the market without having to its arsenal of advanced, carefully crafted and designed by a highly professional corporate identity, without creating an image of the company, testifying to its high culture, dynamism and reliability. Modern trademark and executed on the basis of its corporate identity promotes goods and services in the market by creating in the minds of buyers sustainable way (image) of the firm. Recognition of the firm and reminder of those positive emotions that are experienced people using its products or services in the past – here's one of the major tasks on which is oriented branding. Corporate Identity includes not only means of advertising and affordable visual perception of objects (products, offices, vehicles, clothing, packaging, etc.) but also various activities firmy.Vse corporate identity elements that distinguish one firm from the other, should, if possible do not change over time, and if changed, slightly, to preserved this style.