Human Personality

Man is born in the family, from the first moment he's not alone. Psychological dependence creates a desire to remain with the people, as a consequence of fear of being alone with him. Man is born in the group, he remains part of the group create new groups, new relationships, make new friends. Man tends to fill itself from the outside and add missing elements. He does not stop in the race, and creates the nation, religion, political parties, Rotary, and fan clubs. All existence – is there along with people. Why are people afraid of loneliness Loneliness feels like death. The death of a person's identity, which was established in the crowd.

In a crowd you know exactly who you are, but if not you know, the prompt and the call quickly. You know how you call it, know your degrees, your profession, you know everything you need for a passport. Only here you whether this true As soon as we go down the crowd, we will emerge from its personality and then we are faced with one question: – Who are you Why are you here Suddenly we realize that the name was given to us by relatives, who then determined the race, and religion as well. How is the race for consciousness? Our heart and blood Muslim and Christian, our consciousness is not part of a small group or organization of the church. Who are you Suddenly, the person disappears and it causes fear. The death of a person's identity is scary.

We will not kill personal, we will transform it to expand and integrate. Now we have to open everything again, and can be the first to answer myself, who am I? We remember the many things that we can become a walking encyclopedia and remember all library in the world. This external storage, it is correct. True remembrance is one, it will come when you will remember myself. To forget oneself is the only sin out of all possible, the rest of the gloom, a consequence forgetting about yourself is true. In ancient times the lion quickly, jumping from one hill to another. The lioness was pregnant and gave birth to a jump. Place of birth occurred between two hills. At that time, between those two hills, passed a herd of sheep. Born lion fell into a herd of sheep and grow it. Naturally he began to consider himself a sheep. Once, an old lion approached the flock of sheep, in search of food. Leo could not believe my eyes. He saw a strong young lion among sheep and they were not afraid of him. The old lion remembered the food and began to hunt and it's more than enough, the young lion started to run away from him, along with the sheep. Trying to catch the young. He wept and wept, begged to let him go to his relatives. But, the old lion dragged him to the nearest lake and helped him to see the display, in pure water. The young lion saw his reflection and close reflection of the old lion. It was an instant transformation in consciousness, and he gave a great roar of the king Nature. All nature is reflected roaring young lion. To know more about this subject visit Ripple. The young lion had never growled because he considered himself a sheep, and never doubt it not. The old lion did his job, now all depended on the young lion. To the question, do you want to You now return to the herd, caused loud laughter among the young lion.