How To Sight Look !

Women’s opinion calls and beckons a man. But the sullen, surly and taciturn men, as well as those who for various reasons, difficult to communicate with women, think of it more as a threat. Not avert their eyes from the chosen men for dating in Odessa. For some types, a woman with a wandering eye causes suspicion, since it is likely to sexually concerned is suffering from boredom, or not smart. Remember, your eyes can make a real miracle! 2 The upper part of the female body and hands, have always attracted the attention of men. When a woman holds hands free and a little tilts its body forward, very like men. A woman shows her looseness, openness and readiness for dialogue.

Crossed in hand with a few deflected back-feeding can cause mistrust. 3 Smile – a success. Good, honest person attracts men, even if you do not have great beauty. Always nice to talk with an open man, and smile – it is an internal opening. 4 Purely feminine habits, correct hairstyle, makeup, do not cause men positive emotions, but not in the workplace, where they harm the image of a business employee. The woman – a secret casket, her mental and physical abilities to charm a man in almost any environment limitless. Oh my God! I fell in love! Yes it is! Love overwhelms me.

I do not know where to himself gone, things to do. I think only about your favorite and all. When not with him, I do not myself. Can I become dependent on someone? This strange feeling. And very nice, but at the same time very difficult. It is impossible to collect, concentrate, everything falls out of the hands. Thoughts can not collect, they all fly somewhere, but not with me. Life was different, interesting and unique. And I think if I had someone poured water would, I’m not angry, and shook her hair and smiled, because I’m happy and in love. In the evening we’ll see you again. I can not wait already. I’ll go make myself beautiful hair and wear a favorite dress. I would like for him to be charming and smart. I love …