Horse Trailers WM Meyer Nevada Aluminium: Refined Aesthetics And Longevity

Horse trailer a week on Hamburg, August 30, 2010 – is current horse trailer test of the week on today the horse trailer model WM Meyer Nevada aluminum. It’s noble and robust at the same time, because here are all strategically important parts made of aluminium and stainless steel so that basically nothing can break down. To the 21 mm strong aluminium profile ground with sturdy rubber and aluminum walls, WM Meyer for all his horse trailers for durability and elegance rear frame builds including ramp hinge as well as all carriers, nuts and bolts made of stainless steel. Especially the heavily loaded hinge so that promises a long service life. Visually a piece at the side walls WM Meyer consists of finely ribbed aluminium profiles in a thickness of 25 mm, that appear from several meters away as a closed surface. The roof cap of the test vehicle has a fleet, curved shape. It is higher than in the Middle at the front with a height 2.45 m about two or three inches, but rises at the rear for a comfortable Boarding of horses back slightly to. Load and space are important for many riders with large Warmblood mares: with about 830 kg unladen weight of horse trailers with 2,500 kg gross vehicle weight offers a lush payload.

Intelligent equipped tack room is very well thought out the Interior of the tack room, which was used in the test vehicle in the Western version. This allows a very comfortable loading by the particularly wide door. In addition to the large pull-out Western saddle holders, there are two stainless steel bars for example for saddle-cloths. Light point roles opts for WM Meyer among all his followers the self-developed challenge chassis providing very good stability and smoothness with a massive welded and galvanised V drawbar frame. Four wheel shock absorbers, Nevada, as standard, allow a 100 km/h-certification, which is achieved by the anti Eater coupling built in the test car (270 euro) also with somewhat lighter towing vehicles. Conclusion not scores the aluminum model of Nevada from WM Meyer only through the ALU facilities available now also with other manufacturers, but in addition by the elegant and at the same time robust stainless steel parts, as well as the excellent road holding. The intelligent equipped tack room proved themselves for much travel and tournament tab. The detailed test report with pictures is published on.

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