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Some days ago was celebrated with a roast the start of construction in Building Torreluz of Punta del Este. This is a very unique building, which will be located at the corner of Avenida Chiverta and Amazon. A building that was designed in compliance with EU requirements, because they are Spanish developers and architects, while Uruguay, working for years in Spain. Federico Mirabal, Javier Navarro MV Architects – Project Design Torreluz, July Villamide, president of Real Estate Southern Cone, John Marianesqui, Tizado director of Barrio Norte, Igor Martinez, director of Tizado Balco Ananikian Wilder, vice president of Real Conosur Estatey Fernando Albanel . Will Torreluz the first building in Punta del Este to incorporate home automation to each of its units. The promoters resigned the construction of a floor, to give them a bonus of up to all units and this is also exceptional in Punta del Este. The building complies with aspects of European law from providing rational energy use and accessibility for disabled people in all areas, to the possibility that in its elevators can enter stretchers. It is the first building in Punta del Este built entirely in steel and glass, so it gives a good light to every room, the visuals have no restrictions and it integrates very harmonious with the environment. A promoter Monteval Spanish firm, a consortium composed of a pool of Spanish companies, consisting of a construction company, a developer, a law firm and other companies involved in the real estate industry, developed in Torreluz its first project in South America. The project is marketed by the Uruguayan company Conosur Real Estate, a firm formed barely a year but already leads the segment for marketers of new units in Uruguay. The directors are July Conosur Villamide and Ananiki n Wilder, two prominent entrepreneurs with vast professional and union, even internationally. Torreluz construction will be undertaken by the firm Stiles, one of the largest builders of Uruguay, who has been selected after a rigorous bidding process between firms previously selected. During the summer, Torreluz was one of the best-selling projects in pre-phase and is most remembered by visitors to Punta del Este, due to its intensive promotional activities. The firm is considering Monteval develop further investment in the region, at least until the cycle is prolonged recession in the Spanish housing market, the specialists located within 3 to 5 years. All the Southern Cone economic experiencing a rare moment, exports beat new record every month, the regional GDP is growing and inflation remains under control in almost all countries in the area. In this context, Punta del Este is undergoing far more constructive level in its history, as the growing regional demand are added European and American demands attracted by the high levels of security and the traditional manor offering this seaside resort.