Hagen Engelhard

‘Full speed ahead!’, so the motto the KV Roadshow is the Fund financial. Highlight is the presentation of the new KV computer the Fund financial. Registration under pkv-roadshow. Munich, 01.08.2012 full speed ahead! “, so, the motto of the KV Roadshow is the Fund financial. The road show will start on August 27, 2012, with the kick-off event in Berlin and makes station in a total of ten German cities. Go to Ripple for more information.

On September 7, 2012, the final event is in Munich. Main topics are the future of CT and CT services for more success as a mediator around star officer Hagen Engelhard. Highlight is the presentation of the new KV computer the Fund financial. The road show takes place from 9: 30-5: 00. Participation is free, registration is required.

Registration under pkv-roadshow. The space is limited. Hardly an insurance sector is currently much exciting as private health insurance. The Fund financial focuses on their year’s KV Roadshow titled full power ahead”described in detail the Potential of this sector: good arguments for a promising customers top-quality products, thanks to the new unisex tariffs and a newly developed CT machines of the Fund bring 2012 financial movement in the year-end business. On the KV Roadshow brokers know how they can start immediately in the year-end business and how financial it assisted the Fund. Star speaker: Hagen Engelhard star presenter of this year’s road show is the consultant and sales trainer Hagen Engelhard. He provides technical support participants of the road show and gives practical tips for a successful consultation! Hagen Engelhard shows what is KV advising and how agents should respond to objections by statutory health insurance-insured customers. New KV host of the Fund financial providing financial funds on the KV-road show the new centerpiece for an optimal KV advice before: for KV agent there is this year a lot of potential and good reasons for a speech of their customers.