Great Companies

Problems with attendance to the customer always existed in the great majority of the companies, now we need to know if the companies if worry about relationship between company and customers. She will be that the companies really are worried about the satisfaction of its customers? As we all know the customer is the pillar of the company therefore without them does not exist profit. Some companies know how much it is important to keep a sector for support to the customer therefore is only inevitable that all the company has problems with its products or renderings of services, but I see that here in Brazil nor all the companies if worry about the opinions of its customers and finish committing the most serious errors of attendance. In some companies the customer finishes very having a great indifference with regard to support and rendering of services. He sees an example practical that he happened with me: I had a great problem with a company who houses my pages in the Internet. If you have read about delta airlines already – you may have come to the same conclusion. I was this end of week with the pages it are of air because my monthly limit of I pass through excedeu=. Then immediately I tried to enter in contact with company so that it could solve the problem. In the panel of control of the site not he has nor migration option immediate, in the case the customer has that to open one ticket and to wait 48h for resolution of a problem that could be decided fast more.

The same one does not take care of week end and then I passed the end of week without the sites. Today I entered in contact with them and I was not taken care of as it would like and this brought me an enormous insatisfao. Therefore they think well about which vocs company will go to house its pages in the Internet, do not choose any company therefore this can mainly bring enormous damages for vocs if you work with sales. Nor all the companies perceive that an attendance badly done or neglected can bring serious consequences for the mark and the image of the company, and nor all the companies if worry in keeping a sector of quality attendance. Today this is essential. The competition is great if the company not to know to be a differential in the market with certainty it will not obtain to remain itself alive for much time Vivian Assis