Glasses And Your Story

Learn all about the history of eyeglasses at the present time the history of glasses the glasses barely out of our society is indispensable. No matter whether young or old, it makes easier the most diverse people with a visual impairment everyday. Now she has even established fashion accessory and is hardly of the noses of the people. But until the glasses could be a long way before her, which goes back to the year 965 was. In the year 965-1039, the Arab scholar Ibn al-Haitam developed first approaches for the first time ground glass as a visual aid to use the idea. This idea he wrote down in his treatise “Treasure of optics” and paved the way so the glasses, as it is known today. The reading stone In the year 1240, Western European monks produced a reading stone, on the basis of a translation of the work by Ibn al-Haitam.

Monastery of the monks who had magnificent libraries and so had TV / reading skills a special position. So, the monks made of rock crystal or quartz produced a reading stone, the semi-spherical was and formed a convex lens. The reading stone was placed on a document, and enlarged the letters. The downside of this invention was that the stone over every word had to be laid, however, he still brought a tremendous relief with a visual impairment. The reading stone was popular especially for old monks.

Apart from rock crystal and quartz, Beryl was used also the semi-precious stone. A polished lens made of this material was referred to as “Brill”, therefore derives from the now common name “Glasses”. Roger Bacon studied this principle and tried this to improve in the course of a scientific investigation. The riveting glasses at the end of the 13th century the rivet spectacles was invented and replaced so the cumbersome reading stones.