General Solicitor

OF the FICTION TO the REALITY To these facts, it is necessary to add the diverse information to them that the World or knows, on the traffic of organs that I allow myself to remember to them, for example the denunciations in Nampula-Mozambique-, where or the disappearance of young people for the extraction of its organs is habitual, Car it of the Fiscal Ponte- of the United Nations denounced before the World disappearance of 5000 Albanians and 1300 Serbs, during the War of liberation of Albania and during the War of Bosnia, the General Solicitor of Jurez, in Mexico, denounced the death and disappearance a few months ago not clarified of 300 people presumably for this traffic, also the history of the American odontologist at the moment imprisoned Mastromarino- is well-known that mounted a Mafia with undertakers to those who 1300 bought them corpses fresh by $, to those who soon it extracted Organs and weaves to them that were distributed to the Informal market by sums that exceeded $ 250.000, also is known traffics in Bolivia, Argentina and according to the daily Bugler of Buenos Aires also in Peru-even they give rise dishonourable third to us in Latin America, but still it is a very underground Mafia, so that in the country loving of the scandal, we felt not yet it, we have seen only it and we know of these Mafias thanks to the film COMMA that one whose script would write two visionaries Michael Crichton and Robin Cook, in that a perverse team of doctors extracts healthy organs of surgical patients to those who caused with drugs and gases to him a COMA, what was fiction Today is a reality. And this Mafia still has occurred the luxury to give him to a conceptual context to the crime, creating a fictitious confrontation between the generous, altruistic, gratuitous DONATION and anonymous (that announced is it and defends) and Compensated Donation, that one that supplies and sells organs of relatives or people assassinated with that aim, that is the same game of Euphemisms, against which we have fought, in the case of the aborteros, that to their crime calls to him voluntary interruption of the pregnancy, for that reason we must always remember great Victor Hugo (French writer of s, XIX) who said Jai nomm him cochon even is nomm – I name the things by his name and in this case compensated Donation foments the Crime to obtain fresh organs, the macabre commerce of organs and weaves, elitiza the transplants, corrupt to the Trasplantlogos- that it continues being a very small elite of surgeons, Tempts and it corrupts the same family of the deceased, power the crime like in Brazil, where they kidnap prostitutas to extract some organ to them and to follow operating them like hetairas later. Mary Shelley, the adolescent who in 1831 wrote the gothic work, on the Baron Victor Frankenstein and his robs corpses the hunchbacked Fritz, is infant next to Black Market of Bon Hagens, the creator of the company Corporal Worlds, that buys corpses to 220 Euros, plasticizes soon them she exhibits and them of different form: skinned, seated, playing chess she sells and them to 75.000 Euros to Arab Emirates, FINAL REFLECTION Original author and source of the article