Freedom Project

Implemented in accordance with the reality and the necessities of the pertaining to school institution, an efficient management can make the difference, using itself of methods and adequate techniques to its ends and objectives. The joint between the Project Pedagogical Politician, the accompaniment of the actions, the evaluation and use of the results, with the participation and envolvement of the people, the collective one of the school, can take it efficient and efficient it to be (Betini, 2005). Thus, the relevance of the present study, concentrates in the contribution and the importance of the educational manager for the development Project Pedagogical Politician, through its specific and particular knowledge, giving to emphasis the general formation of the professor. 2. DEVELOPMENT To organize the Project Pedagogical Politician for the attendance of a more democratic, public and gratuitous school, requires some boardings (Fertile valley, 2002, Betini, 2005): ) Equality? of condition and permanence in the school that duty to be guaranteed by the mediators of the school; b) Quality? one of the challenges of the PPP is to propitiate a quality of education for all, independent of partner-economic conditions. In accordance with Demon (1994) apud Fertile valley (2002), quality politics is essential condition to the citizen in terms of if making and making history, ahead of the historical ends of the society human being; c) Democratic management? it is an administrative measure that faces the questions of exclusion, reprovao and not permanence of the pupil in the school.

What it provokes the marginalizao of the popular classrooms. Search to understand practical pedagogical and its problems breaching with the theoretical process? practical and rescuing the control of the process and the product of the work for the educators searching the participation of the representatives of the Pertaining to school Unit (I). d) Freedom? the freedom if constructs collectively to make something and not of something.