Financial Billing Trade

By | March 4, 2014

Intensive preparation for audits and on-the spot checks-Praxisseminar-date and place of 14-15 March 2013, Berlin Maritim Hotel Berlin by means of EU funded projects make very special requirements for project leaders and co – ordinators. In particular the correct financial accounting of the project is usually a challenge. Beneficiaries must comply with the strict and complex rules of the European Commission. Following questions be intensified under the direction of ERDF and ESF experts with many case examples in practical exercises: what are the most important obligations of the beneficiaries and how you fulfilled all payroll requirements of the EU as distinguished the testing and how can you prepare the best on their financial control what are eligible costs and what happens to the sales tax? How you calculate personnel costs correctly from some EU public procurement regulations are to be observed and how are they implemented answers to these and many more questions on the subject of financial accounting at the national practice of This practical seminar participants will receive ERDF and ESF projects by designated experts from the following institutions: audit authority of ERDF and ESF, Ministry of economy, labour, transport and technology of Schleswig-Holstein EU financial control unit, Ministry of Finance of Brandenburg, more details about the program, as well as the application form refer to the event brochure: Finanzielle_Abrechnung_von_EFRE_und_ESF_Projekten_PR..

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