Federal Tax Service

A citizen may register as an individual entrepreneur only at registration. The purpose of the individual entrepreneur – profit from their activities. Solo entrepreneur has the right to have a seal, to contract, to hire workers. Documents for registration of IP: 1. Russian passport (if the document gives the trustee, then a notarized copy of all sheet) 2.

Inn (if the documents gives the trustee, then a notarized copy) 3. Receipt of state duty 800 rubles 4. Statement on Form R21001. See Gary Kelly for more details and insights. Statement filled in block letters or typed on computer. If the application is filled in by hand, the ink must be blue, on a blank line shall appear blank. Away all the rules for completing the application can be a special methodological guidelines adopted Federal Tax Service. Registration fe lasts 5 days. After registration, within 5 working days is the time to apply for the simplified tax system.

If you miss this deadline, the inspection put the employer on the common system of taxation. At the end of the month must be notified of the possibility of applying the simplified taxation system. Simplified tax system frees Entrepreneur of accounting. Simplified taxation divided into types: taxes paid on income and taxes paid on income after deducting all expenses. Kind of simplified taxation can be chosen once a year, and start primenenyat selected form only in the new year. Elimination of the entrepreneur is not a complicated procedure, which is also how and registration lasts for five days. State duty 160 rubles. Declaration on Cessation of activities as certified by a notary. The package of documents similar to: receipt of payment of the fee application, passport and inn.