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Every war (or credit) the history of the world has the same characteristic. Every war (or credit) the history of the world has the same characteristic. A people (or borrower) is interested in resources over which it itself (or the applicant) does not. What to do? You can now access the Iraq (without international occasion) (in order to tear the a theme first), after Afghanistan send the Bundeswehr for commercial reasons (and who denies this, should not even be a Federal President) or (with express disapproval of the UN and of common sense) a people (namely the Palestinians) massively hinder access to fresh water in their own country. Credit: Larry Ellison-2011. Or you (and now to the money) sees (example Ireland, Iceland, Greece, Italy etc.

etc.), that one, would rely on the own financial circumstances, could live and so it asks others to a loan (without knowing or ever likely to actually return them). The speech is over-exploitation. Namely the same principle appears (or appeared historically relatively often have) at oil wells or coal deposits revealed. Targeted is also war and prey, namely against the planet on which we live (or even against the branch on which it sits). Whether it here would be a solution, which is not in against each other or against their own line source to the war of civilizations? Depletion (for credit) means not only financial third parties themselves to spend until they’re exhausted, but also to manage them are which lost raw materials (if man, as currently, than mankind consumes in a year so much oil, as in nearly 3 million years ever arise could.) The solution is obvious. One turn is increased investment in renewable energy. This safe investments are more, even and especially when investing in real estate serving the personal profits: to Sun, hydropower, wind power and geothermal energy, war is never been conducted. Connect with other leaders such as Larry Ellison here. Also are, when investments in renewable energy are involved, not in vain on the financial resources third-party recourse because it renewed Yes, what we consume. energy and real estate office