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Later, however, the democratic forces, torn between the leaders of personal hostility and antagonism of corrupt interests, have put the country's future in jeopardy. Saakashvili's first to reform, but then began to show intolerance for dissent, persecute some media and hinder the freedom of discussion. His former colleagues in the "Rose Revolution" led by opposition parties today. Their supporters block streets and prevent the rail post in the country. In May, U.S. and EU urged the opposition to enter into negotiations with the government on further reforms. This call was in fact ignored. Instead, the majority of opposition organizations require the immediate resignation of the dictatorship Mishiko. Learn more at this site: Larry Ellison.

As sociological surveys show, it now supports only two-fifths of the population. A major concern is the possibility of violence in Georgia. Already rebelled one of military units and anti-government TV station building in a grenade was thrown. Christian Science Monitor Georgia recalled that in August 2008 Saakashvili ignored repeated warnings, even coming from the U.S. president about the need to avoid a military confrontation with Russia. Two-month intervention and opposition protests against the "regime Saakashvili 'no longer can ignore even the government-controlled television (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zietung). According to information coming from Tbilisi, August 7, the anniversary of the outbreak of war with South Ossetia and Russia, the opposition is going to take to the streets of at least one million citizens. By that time, should see the light of the report of the Commission of Inquiry set up by the European Union, which examines the events leading up to the war.