European Union

Chery company was founded just over a decade ago, but during its existence, has already received more than 3,200 patents and produce about one million cars. The company has 15 overseas production and supply their products to market more than 60 countries and is one of China's largest exporter of passenger cars. But the first plant abroad was opened only in 2003. Thanks to the robotic production, constant development and research, as well as the introduction of new technologies, the company is constantly expanding the range produced by its vehicles, and is increasingly popular and trusted by customers, including a Russian. Chery cars have passed crash tests by the rules of the European Union, having secure a green card.

They include not only the modern system of security, but economic engine that requires no special care, spacious and comfortable lounges, as well as the simplicity and beauty of design. The company is Chery's thirty largest world carmakers, and plans to take its place on the European market. However, in the Russian market, it already makes it quite successfully. On our roads are already quite common to see a variety of models of brand Chery: Tiggo, Amulet, Kimo, Fora, and others. But find shops that sell spare parts for the cherry, it is much more complicated. Unfortunately, our dealers are not keeping pace with the Chinese manufacturers.

However, the company "Vesta" delivers auto parts for Chery entire lineup: Kimo, Fora, Chery Amulet parts and more. We work directly with China, and furthermore, we have our own offices in cities such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing and Hong Kong. In addition, we also work in the field of customs and logistics, so we can arrange delivery of your order as soon as possible and reliable way. Turning to us, you get the original cherry parts directly from the manufacturer. It is worth noting that we not only supply spares Chery, but details for other popular brands of Chinese cars.