Erarskoy Lyudmila

At the Marina Sophia made a very strong impression, which can be judged by its first verse of Cycle "Girlfriend." Within a month, relations between the two women are stagnating, not one of them does not dare make the first move. And in mid-December Parnok confronts Albrecht, leaves flat on Butcher Street, taking with him his favorite of the monkey, and rents a room in the Arbat. Soon Tsvetaeva left with Parnok for a few days without telling anyone of my close friends, where she was going. This was the beginning of a passionate novel of two women. Marina Tsvetaeva Sony throws the sake of her husband Sergei Efron and his daughter Ariadne and plunged into a relationship with his lover, which for so long sought. Why the relationship lasted so long women? There were several reasons. Click health economics expert to learn more. Parnok insanely jealous girlfriend to her husband, Sergei Efron, who continued to love, Marina. Tsvetaeva, in turn, accused of treason Sonia with other women, although the evidence she was not.

In addition, although Marina was a rebel and a easily flouted some laws of society, it is still a deep respect for the traditional family and dreamed of a child from a loved one. Inability to have children of her Sophia depressed. The last straw, which fill up the cup of both, was the love of Maximilian Voloshin Marina Tsvetaeva in Lviv, Kharkov, in the summer of 1915 and in February 1916 Sofia Parnok broke off relations with Tsvetaeva and enjoys Erarskoy Lyudmila, a famous actress and Tsvetaeva's the complete opposite. No information about how they met and how their romance began. But you can guess what was the attraction in the eyes of Erarskoy Parnok. As often happens in such circumstances Erarskaya largely differed sharply from Tsvetaeva. It is a dark-haired and big, and Tsvetaeva – "gold" and slim, she feminine, while Tsvetaeva was much of a teenage boy, she secular and restrained, in contrast to the arrogant and insincere Tsvetaeva.