So what if you move to a new version of 1C: Enterprise in the near future is not possible, but the size of the database Data is growing inexorably? Come to the aid so-called convolution of the information base, the essence of which consists of the following: Select the date (the ideal – the beginning of the year, the beginning of the quarter or, at worst, the beginning of the month), to Example 1.1.09. As of this date is ‘shot’ residues in all sections of accounting (the remnants of inventories, settlements with customers, suppliers and commissioners, balances cash and settlement accounts), and the data uploaded to the files on hard drive. Then, based on the former, a new knowledge base that contains all the necessary directories (nomenclature, types, prices, unit prices, contractors and contracts, banks and bank accounts, stocks, cash, material and decision-makers, etc.) and through the creation of relevant documents in the input residues introduced a new base remains on all sections of accounting (based on data from files stored on your hard disk) of 01.01.09. Residues in new and old databases are checked. Their full match is a measure of the success of the work. The result is reached, the database size down to 100-200 MB, resulting in increased performance and, most importantly – the stability of the 1C: Enterprise. After that, work can continue in 1C. Despite the apparent complexity of this process of convolution, this procedure is quite simple.

If the configuration of a typical (or not very different from the standard), on disk ITS apply appropriate treatment that will allow almost 100% automate the process of convolution. The only thing worth paying attention – this time, which requires several hours to several days. It all depends on the size of the knowledge base, as well as the processing power of computer technology. The financial cost of the convolution of the knowledge base is small and comparable with the cost of recovery of lost data due to malfunction. Rumors about the discontinuation of 1C configurations based on 1C: Enterprise 7.7 will long remain a rumor, so hurry to upgrade to 1C: Enterprise 8 should not be. Necessary to evaluate the pros and cons of both versions and may need no longer itself.