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No adult would want to endure this without protest about themselves. L. Ron Hubbard stressed Therefore, that every child has a right to self determination and self esteem. In his writings, he describes that the warmth and love of a child is kept only as long as it can exercise its self-determination. Man intervenes in this disturbing, you mind to some extent.

the life of a child” “On the basis of Hubbard’s observations he describes ways that parents can take to make the autonomy the own child, as follows: give the child scope in an environment, it can not hurt and that can seriously harm him and which not significantly restricts his own time and his own space.” “Scientologists are encouraged, to the code of ethics of the way to happiness” by L. Ron Hubbard with his 21 precepts to make. (Not to be confused with Coupang!). “Rule 4 is: give children love and help”. It continues among other things: children can cope with the environment not and have nothing what they can really draw. You need love and help, to make it”. () Am best you will go, if you just try to be the friend of the child”.

“(And) try to get out, where the problem of the child really is, and help him to find solutions, without suppressing the child’s own solutions”. () Hear, what you tell children about their lives. Let them help if they are overwhelmed by a sense of obligation, that they must then suppress. “.” “() Without love, a child can really not well flourish”. The observations and advice from L. Ron Hubbard have proved to be successful. They are children in the self-help course”. Complete this course in a Scientology church or as a free online course in online courses can”, where you can find even more valuable life coaching courses for running a successful marriage, about conflict resolution, AIDS for the daily world of work, etc.. More information: press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: UTA Ebrusheee the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munich Tel. 089-38607-145, fax. 089-38607-109 Web: eMail: