Dry Shaped Beam Construction

Wood is a man no less than three million years, and if this period is to try to equate, for example, by year, it appears that people use ceramic is only about a day, iron – a little over eight hours, and plastics and concrete and did about twenty minutes. In recent years, suburban housing market, many new materials and technologies. However, the wooden houses are still the most popular among individual developers. Much of this popularity is due to the fact that in our country, forest is the cheapest building material. In addition, it can be implemented in a tree architectural features and artistic images, dictated by national traditions of Russian architecture.

Of course, of great importance of the natural origin, which determines the ecological purity of wooden buildings, a good breathability. Finally, the tree – an excellent thermal insulator. This allows the inside of a wooden house optimum ratio of temperature and humidity. In a wooden house is easy to breathe, it's nice and comfortable in any weather. However, along with the merits of the tree has its drawbacks. It burns, does not like moisture (moist wood subjected to the action of fungi, bacteria, mold, etc., which makes abide by the rule: the tree should not wet. To the requirements of SNIP on thermal resistance for the middle zone (Ro = 3,2 m2 C / W) wall of the timber or any size timber with no additional warming do not hold out.

And most importantly – the walls of the natural moisture content of wood susceptible to shrinkage deformation, which is especially great in the first year after the construction of buildings. In anticipation of the end of the box ready to shrink the house should "stand up" for six months or a year (sometimes more) that do not always like customers and builders. Get rid of the long waiting allows the use of shaped timber, dried by artificial means until the residual moisture. The advantages of "soft" technologies of drying chamber obvious: in the natural drying in front of the profiled beam cracks, as it may lead, that adversely affect the aesthetic form doma.Suhoy shaped beam almost cracks and leads. For the production of dry-shaped timber is used mainly pines and spruce. Using a solid impregnated with resin core of the tree, makes the material more beneficial. Processed and dried special technology beams with precision, using high-quality woodworking tools, set the size and specific profile. As a result of dry profiled bar does not require fitting and comes the customer is fully ready for construction. Constructed of powder shaped timber walls do not require treatment. This allows us not to use in the decoration of impregnations, adhesives, varnishes, resins and chemicals, which makes the house more environmentally friendly and cost-effective from an economic point of view compared to the laminated board. In the manufacture of dry-shaped timber is a high purity of the treated surface, so the wood becomes almost polished, which allows not to use additional materials for interior decoration wooden house, and therefore avoid extra costs. Currently, many prefer it that material. "Price – quality" is best. House of dry profiled bar is very modern, they look great, well hold variations in temperature, which is very important for the regions of central Russia.