Danoninos Adventure

The power motion GmbH realized an online experience for children for Danone. Specifically on the two target groups the above 6 year old and below 6 – tuned there exciting experiences waiting for: including number and letter games with educational claim or action games, such as E.g. an acrobatic skate board course, which demand the kids motor skills. A product for children – FruchtZwerge and while this target group have different demands on the usability as in classic brands adult sites. Therefore, the team of the movement from the research phase to deliberately decided to offer separate versions of the site the two age groups. Because very young Web users under the age of 6, there are to many particularities must be observed, such as for example the non-existent reading skills.

This was taken into account for the relaunch by explanatory texts such as game guides, was also working with scoring through a spokesman. Reaction and motor skills at the little ones are”still not enough trained so here special content or special adaptations have been developed to promote these skills rather than overwhelming. At the games for over 6 years, the demands placed on the user is higher faster movements and better coordination are required. Also in the imagery the playground which has a younger kids is very childish, the approach of separate targeting again while the version for older users picks up the classic teenage topics. The content on Danoninos adventure playground were placed in a lavishly illustrated panorama, whose look & feel based on the also optically optimized Danonino.

The animated dinosaur character can move to navigate with the arrow keys of the keyboard on the adventure playground, where he meets the individual games and fun content. Always of course Danoninos friends Tom and Lisa, also new were animated for the relaunch. For quick access of the contents is a plan available.