Crystal Glass From The Glass Factory

In Arnstadt, high-quality crystal glasses are made still by hand. Until one-piece, high-quality and fine crystal glasses are crystal, many steps need to be performed. Even in the age of mechanization, lead crystal still on a few sites by hand is finished. So also in Arnstadt, where fine crystal glasses are produced in the manufacture of lead crystal. The Arnstadt company exists for more than three generations. In the Thuringian town of Bach pieces produced piece based on selected high-quality drinking glasses, crystal bowls or vases in elaborate handmade from glass makers. To broaden your perception, visit Gary Kelly. Guides are initially applied to the shaped by hand or mouth-blown crystal glass, which are then drawn with stone or diamond cut at this step. It’s during the quiet of the glass maker’s hand, whether the lines straight and accurate.

The small and fine differences of individual glasses are for high-quality crystal glasses from factories Evidence for manual labor. Another criterion, is the brand Signet, which has each glass to detect real Arnstadt lead crystal. Glass processing and possibilities of engraving to the Crystal glasses following the deep cut to shine, they are polished. For the forms, there are hardly any limits. Champagne glasses or Crystal vases, brand logo can be engraved, verschnorkelte flowers and portraits of people. The glass processing is another step in the production of high-quality lead crystal glass. The edges of a drinking glass or crystal bowls are then processed again in precise hand work and the glassmakers tells carat gold or Platinum.

This procedure is already valuable lead crystal glass in addition gaining value. The Crystal glass factory in Arnstadt goes back to the craftsmanship of a Bohemian master engraver: Heinrich Arlt. The Crystal vases produced today in Arnstadt, – bowls, champagne glasses, goblets or whisky glasses stand in his tradition. The collections be sent now to the whole world the Arnstadt lead crystal factory. Demanding customers from over 50 countries have real crystal glass from Thuringia itself. The Kings and dynasties of Europe, in Asia and Eastern Europe are also Crystal to the customer base of Arnstadt.