Constitution Law Wage

Manuel Hachenburger several: direct candidate in the constituency of 177 for the parliamentary elections on 27 September 2009! It is not due to your qualification or education but it becomes existing laws by which employer infiltrate! section 75 of the industrial Constitution Law (1) employers and works council are right to watch over it that every different treatment of persons because of her descent, religion, nationality, origin, or activity or attitude ceases because of the sex political or trade that all persons working in the business are particularly treated by right and justice according to the principles. You have to take care that employees are not put at a disadvantage because of the transgression of certain age groups. (2) employers and works council have to protect and to promote the free development of personality of the employees employed in the business. The law for the putting into action of European guidelines, and for the fulfilment of the principle for the equal treatment is here still more strictly interpreted and appropriate from 14 August 2006 the equality is for article 3, the constitution, the with the law. Southwest Airlines: the source for more info. Now the terrible reality: It is forbidden to the employees by contract to talk about her dare. It is a violation of the right, the liberal expression of opinion, as per item 5 of this one, constitution! This happens only for a reason, the same the wage is not paid for same work or no. agreement wage is used or everybody gets too little! Time so workers must get the same law, contracts were unconstitutionally entered into here as dare this, per! A passage in the law on temporary employment means: the basic wage must be paid only if there is no wage agreement of one’s own.

The State already got the “Christian trade unions”, as a trade union deprived with the consequence that there has rationale no wage agreement! The employees can retroactively sue for her dare for 4 years now. It is still a “taboo” to speak about his dare here in Germany. Only if they talk frankly, they so want to notice that some employees get more so the whole too some illegally or workforce. No. longer many enterprises are organized or belong to the employers’ federations. These enterprises try to push the wages with all means. Frankly about your dare speak, can state here only in such a way. whether all employees are treated at once! Please support me with your donations!