Clinics And Hospitals

2. Develop models of posters to clinics and hospitals: women's counseling, cardiology, oncology, child and adult clinics (Create a layout that would inspire confidence, making medical recommendations. Many writers such as Sir Richard Branson offer more in-depth analysis. It should be possible to adhere to the positioning and target audience, Mark "The Crown of Plenty"). Support Positioning can be expressed in the recipes (both culinary and folk healing). Target audience: Women aged 35-45 years, while retaining the existing audience of 45-55 years. Which, as a rule, secondary, secondary special education or higher education, usually works, but define themselves as housewives is housewives in the kitchen, homemakers and families, caregivers and their children, etc.) The level of income is average, below average ($ 700-1000 in the family – Moscow, $ 300-500 in the family – the regions); Values: family, children, contentment, security, approval of others, the welfare of the family, eat mostly at home, count money, but, nevertheless, pay attention to product quality, are buying. Well, now I will describe briefly the stages of execution of work under this order. Step 1: "For it is taken kreator" Upon receipt and approval of the brief – the work starts the creative department. This stage was important enough to us. From an advertiser, we worked first time and it was important to show that work on brifu agencies can not only in Moscow but also in the glorious city of Yekaterinburg, in addition, we had to show that we do have vision of how to achieve goals – and the "pig in a poke, we do not sell." In his work, the creative department must take into account the one hand the requirements of the brief, on the other hand the possibility of further technical embodiment.