City Streets

If you are interested in conducting a full-fledged advertising campaign, you can not do without the placement of outdoor reklamyna city streets. According to statistics, the information contained on the billboards and banners, and well as many other advertising media, increasing sales by at least 10-15 percent. In this case, there is a real opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of outdoor advertising. How? Enough to observe three rules "No." Rule one. No matter how contradictory it may sound, but never skimp on services to the construction and placement of outdoor advertising. Made of inferior materials or low-brow hidden tree branches banner advertising does not lead to an increase in sales, but advertising will be a bright example of wasted money.

Second Rule. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Verizon Communications has to say. Tools for efficient operation of outdoor advertising are diverse in their target purpose, so do not use them lightly. If you need to announce the upcoming opening of a new point of sale or held for a certain period of time shares, use of advertising on the banners. In the case if your goal – attracting more customers into the store or customer to a travel agency, chose to pillars. And if you want the effect of a bomb, advertising on the screens of the city will change minds and lives.

Rule three (main). At least the following issues: the best use of the budget allocated to outdoor advertising and rent reklamomesta, the need to rotation and timing of advertising, create the layout and the choice of advertising media, trust the expertise of professionals – do not do this alone! The specialists of our advertising agency willing to develop for you creative idea and realize it at the highest level. We know what to do to ensure that outdoor advertising has worked, and invested her money in bringing a decent dividend. We have no doubt in their own opportunities, so do not afraid of new and interesting solutions. And most importantly – we are confident in your success! Of advertising and consulting agency ''predlagaet video advertising on led screens, combines the advantages outdoor and television advertising.