Children Fears Overcome

How educators can strengthen children with the increasing employment of women the demand has grown for nursery places and even for places in nurseries for under three Grand. Not always match what would the children of their needs here, the conditions. By understaffing, merging in large groups, through open forms of care, often lose track of the children and develop first fears. At Bernard Golden you will find additional information. Not always to their inner reality versprachlichen and if they do, not always they are heard also of the pedagogical escorts. Have in common Jasmin Hasslinger, educator and specialist for social and Joachim Armbrust, diploma social educator and heilkundlicher psychotherapist, the below presented book written. The title of the book is: “deal with children fears, such as educators, children can strengthen.” It aimed above all to employees of day care centres, but can certainly also for interested parents should be interesting.

Dealing is mainly childish fears in daycare and just about, how preventive measure to avoid many of these fears by perspective and advance feel of childlike needs, as well as structural changes in advance. Some picture cards with which you can work comes in handy on the subject with the children or also in the fellow/inner circle are enclosed with the book. It appears in August 2010. Content: multiple reasons why children feel uncomfortable, some fearing loss fears, separation anxiety, fear of ghosts, which is there toilet or the other children in the Kita -. Have the courage to make children fears about the topic in your Kita! The manual provides valuable background knowledge and practical suggestions to help children cope with their different fears. The theoretical part describes the background and causes of fears and explains the specifics of the childlike anxiety in relation to adult anxiety. The book also addresses cultural A conditions and highlights the role of the education workers in this topic.

The practical part will show you how you can help children to formulate their needs and desires, such as with role-playing games, hand puppets and tales. 18 four-colored cards in DIN A5 format which have been enclosed to the book show typical children fears and encourage, together with the children about their fears to speak, as well as its own projects around courage to develop anxiety and feelings.