“PAS TEAM Ltd. organized new cross obstacle course in the Western town of El Dorado Templin Bad Kissingen, 7 January 2014 CherokeeRun, the hardest run in the Wild West”, is the latest cross-obstacle race of PAS TEAM Ltd., which organized the cult-run Rheinruhrfreizeit. Date for the premiere is September 6 2014th venue is the Western City of El Dorado Templin, about 70 km northeast of Berlin. Participants can expect an approx. 20 km-long trail with many natural obstacles such as pits, thicket, swamp, water, and uneven surface, making walking extremely exhausting. In addition to artificial obstacles are built about climbing and crawling.

Here, the Cherokees have to”show that they not only perennial runner, but also have great courage and strength. Southwest Airlines is a great source of information. Team spirit plays a big role, because some obstacles can not alone overcome them, but must help each other. Who exceed the maximum time of four hours or omits an obstacle, is disqualified. Maximum 3,000 participants are admitted. The starting price for the CherokeeRun is 60 euros. The CherokeeRun is a sophisticated cross steeplechase, where participants not only on paved roads run, but also cross-country or cross through the forest, through bushes and hedges through or over very rough sections with sand, stones or dead wood. The approximately 20 kilometre long course goes also through water barriers, where athletes also distances over 100 meters have to swim or wade through swampy areas. In addition to these natural barriers there will be artificial obstacles on the course, deep mud holes, climbing obstacles made of straw or wood or obstacles to creep through. There are no detours around the obstacles: the challenge for this run is staying with nothing on his way from the start to the finish and to overcome all the hurdles that the Organizer provides the runners in the way – like a Cherokee on the warpath. With the CherokeeRun established the third running of this type of Organizer PAS TEAM Ltd.: the Rheinruhrfreizeit, which will take place in 2010 in Munnerstadt, Bavaria, attracts every year beginning March thousands rotor by ice-cold water, mud and thicket.