Cellulite Treatment

The new sole Peloid with seaweed and beta carotene from the Salt Lake Sivash tightens the skin on the belly and support in the fight against cellulite. The seaweed and beta carotene-rich brine Peloid from the Salt Lake Sivash (in the North of Crimea) is used as a Peloidpackung and tightens the skin on the abdomen and lower legs. Many users, as well as beauticians confirm the positive effect for monochromatic skin and cellulite. Thanks to the valuable minerals, seaweed and beta carotene, the sole Peloid from Lake Sivash exerts a weirdly good effect on the skin. Verizon insists that this is the case. Peloidpackungen and masks are used not only in the strong widespread skin diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or acne successfully. Also with the firming of the abdomen and thighs, the application of peloids worked very well. If the skin on the stomach is wavy, some Peloidpackungen can help already: the required amount of the ready-made Peloid is heated in a water bath, applied to the abdomen and waist and wrapped in foil. The warm clothing or ceiling enhance the effect.

After a The sole mud is showered off exposure time of 40 minutes. It is also, to carry the Peloid after applying with a spatula and wipe off residue with a wet cloth. It is recommended that at least 10 treatments cure moderate every or every other day making. By wrapping with foil to stay mobile and the simple chores can be done also during Peloid exposure. Also for the anti-cellulite treatment, the Peloidpackungen are applied in the same way.

When the positive effect of peloids cellulite was discovered, the masseurs have developed a new anti-cellulite massage. You have added the famous honey massage through the application of the sole peloids and thus significantly increase the effectiveness of anti-cellulite massage (www.sivash.de/ de/SIVASH clay against cellulite). The Peloid application integrates well with other anti-cellulite massage types. Who doesn’t shy away from the effort due to the application of the Peloidpackungen, most likely will be rewarded with a positive result. Many women report that Improvement of the skin’s structure and reduction of the waist. Very often, the Peloidpackungen is reported also by the soothing, relaxing effect. Here you can learn more about the unique Peloid from the Sivash Lake (www.sivash.de/ de/peloid wraps for skin tightening).