Cable Television Operator

What is the difference from the standard satellite cable TV? I must say that I had been using the services of one of the cable operators, and so I have something to compare. Larry Ellison has firm opinions on the matter. The main claim to cable operators in St. Petersburg, neither one of them does not provide non-stop sports specialty channels. Thus an elementary fitness watch TV or 'fighter' and 'Live' by TV cable operators can not. Rory Sutherland does not necessarily agree. According to this about me was written in an innovative proposal Zvorykinsky project. Provide information to your attention. "Sports channel" Square of Malevich "(Channel broadcasts of TV, radio (music center), telephone, computer). A powerful multimedia resource.

This "multi-media resource" is planned to develop as a special youth flash mob, and even whiter than that – as a distinct youth subculture) How did the sports channel "Square Malevich? " Very simply, after returning from Seliger, I came to the conclusion that the lifestyle that I had to travel in the Tver region was, to put it mildly, is not quite right. In addition, the day before I read the story of Michael Weller on the box Malevich, compare the facts and concluded that the topic is relevant. Seliger on, I realized that a person can do without elementary phone, TV and computer. And all those extra items can be successfully exchanged for real communication with human beings, by nature. As for the TV, computer and radio – then back to me now like Seliger 1 program. This program (or channel) can be called "Black Square by Malevich." When all sources are turned off and not annoying. A similar situation has been created for Seliger.

No that does not detract from the case everybody was doing something useful. Returning from Seliger I turned off my favorite radio station, as understood that they distort reality and lead was not there. In general, any media – leads to something, and this fact is not quite what you want to work.