Bulgaria Euros

At the winter resort of Borovets in one square. M is 950-1600 euro, Pamporovo – 650-1200. Only in Bansko, he fell to 350-800 euros per square meter, which means that the number of apartments offered below cost. Average cost per m in Bansko was within 585 euros, which is ten percent lower than last year. Some contend that Ed Bastian shows great expertise in this. And it should be noted that this is the price for apartments in working in the full amount of hotel apartment complexes, prepared to live with and interior trim. Show a completely different direction seaside resorts.

There's not going the traditional fall and winter have been sold the greatest number of rooms and cottages after Sofia, it is important that as well as on ski resorts, buying and selling taking place, especially in the completely surrendered complexes. In general, the size of the realized transactions increased by 40%. The majority of them had been made in the southern Black Sea coast, especially in Sunny Beach. Price ranged from 400 to 800 euros per square meter, and for the room was 25-70 thousand euros (mainly 25-35 thousand euros), which was equal to average prices in the past year. The most important customers, as in previous years, were Russian, but slightly increased the number of British residents, but representatives of the regions, who had previously showed little interest in Bulgarian property, say for example, Sweden. There is a small tributary and buyers from Germany.

The traditional leader in a seaside estate in Bulgaria Varna lost her palm. Defined this was primarily because the price per square meter in the seaside capital "is not falling as fast and stopped earlier than in the south. Today there is interest in Varna for expensive apartments, at the cost of more than 100 thousand euro, as well as newly constructed homes in the rural areas and luxurious cottages built in the villages. First quarter Property in Bulgaria, despite the fact that highlighted the recovery in certain sectors is undoubtedly lagged behind the Central and Eastern European region. And the reasons are not only in the fact that the Republic of Bulgaria in economic terms lags behind its closest neighbors, but also that the investment of capital in recent months were primarily in non-residential real estate. In the Republic of Bulgaria is especially well developed resort area nonprofit real estate. However, in line has been a trend close to a time when he suffered the parish capital of the European Union.