Brave Rebels Justin

Rebel Justin very well look like a video game called bomberman. The most powerful weapon of the hero is certainly a bomb. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison. A long time ago in a friendly planet is called flesh, lived in a small shed daring rebel who was named Justin. He lived quietly, engaged in farming, helping everybody. But once his quiet dwelling prevent evil beasts and aliens, they strongly want to take away the rebels Justin precious treasures from his planet. In order to protect and safeguard the surrounding countryside rebel Justin decides to personally posobirat precious stones and hide them as much as possible.

To find them, you will need to walk through the complex maze, at the same time destroying the aliens, and chests. In against the enemies of all sorts of useful improvements, which could raise health, make it invisible, or pick up a single life. The intellectual level creatures will give miss. All in the game is about 60 colorful and dangerous stages. Breaking the boxes can be found in these additional charges vzryavchatki, life and many other equally interesting bonuses. Sometimes getting out of the bushes aliens, you need a good reaction time to run back and mine them. Even the enemies have not enough bad artificial intelligence in the form of bomb runs away to a safe distance, try to surround you, just use other ways. The game must be like Bomberman game for all fans, as well as ordinary fans are very fun and exciting arcade hodilok.

At all stages can be found nekotoroye amount of precious crystals. Depending on the colors of them can be obtained different amounts of money. Once you take all the resources, the rebels opened a portal to the nearest road, which transfers to the next level, and new adventures. The text is taken from the site