BookCrossing – Action With The White Raven In Berlin Ended Spectacularly

The white Raven has carried out a Buchbefreiungs action in the underground the white Raven has published his adventures in books. You are now in many children at home on the shelf. That should change. Therefore, the author sent his books to the Berlin underground to a BookCrossing action. The books Exchange BookCrossing is there so that books not on shelves gathering dust. So the Berlin author Dieter Schultze-Zeu early September his novels with the white Raven through time “donated. The 40 books were released on behalf of the author in the Berlin u-Bahn. That is, they were free to pass reading enthusiastic children or placed in the railway, to be found.

In the subway, were a popular catcher the scattered books and attracted much attention. Quickly, all 40 books were distributed. If a book has been read, ID number on the Internet at BookCrossing could be entered and it could be traced, so, where the book was everywhere. Many children and other BookCrossers have also comments on the Internet under… leave and are replaced on the book and the adventures of the smart bird and his R-team. In the novel, three children and the white Raven experience an exciting journey through time, leading them in the ancient Egypt and in the year 2042 to strange space beings. The white Raven is media darling and receives a reading in the children radio even the media have become aware on the BookCrossing action of the white Raven.

In the press the action was announced, such as in the widespread tip Berlin, so many children knew. Those who place a specimen, is pleased with the gift. “” So there were comments like: since I have already heard “or I’ll read it right at home”. Even mothers wanted to read their small children like this. Some new friendships among children have arisen through the networking on the Internet at BookCrossing. The action was accompanied by radio Multicult FM, who prepared an Internet radio reading of the book for children and young people in several languages. “Anyone who could find the book not in the subway, can order it also at Frieling-Verlag: Dieter Schultze-Zeu, with the white Raven through time”, Frieling Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8280-2781-7, EUR 12.50…