Block House

After that, the larva makes a cavity near the surface and turns into a pupa. Through 6-8 weeks the adult beetles leave the tree looking for insects of the opposite sex, then they mate and the life cycle repeats. Three species of beetles furniture beetle. Has a length of 3 mm and a dark brown color. Adults insects leave the tree in late spring or summer, on warm days they can be seen on walls, ceilings or windows. After leaving the tree, the beetles live for 2-3 weeks, enough to mate and lay eggs in large area. The holes in the tree has a diameter of about 1.5 mm to detect them should carefully inspect the furniture, flooring, house doors, skirting boards, rafters.

protection of furniture, flooring, doors, home of the furniture beetle beetle powder. His name this bug was because of the ability of larvae to grind wood into powder, like flour. Adult insects are painted dark brown, long reach 6 mm. Their life cycle is relatively short – less than a year. The openings of these beetles reach 1.5 mm in diameter. Appear in late spring and summer, fly at dusk.

Prefer freshly cut tree, so often found in wood stocks, you want to protect furniture, Block House, lining. protection of furniture, Block House, lining of powdered beetle beetle home. Has a length of 12 mm to 25 mm, painted in gray and black. Appears in the summer months, leaving an oval hole in the tree. The life cycle of up to 10 years, so larvae can destroy a tree from the inside before you discover their presence and take precautions to protect the lining. Protection from Domestic lining beetle 1. Diagnosis of injuries. To find out how badly damaged wood, try to pierce it with a screwdriver. If the tree is kept firm, you can leave it by exposing the appropriate treatment. If the tree is pierced with a screwdriver, then consult a specialist: probably need to cut the wood and destroy it. Diagnosis protect homes lining 2. Cleaning wood mounting block Hausa. Wearing glasses and a dust mask, clean the wood surface with a stiff brush, because dirt deteriorates action of chemicals. Remove dust, vacuum cleaner, cover with water tanks and electrical wiring of the polymer film. Then remove thermal insulation between the joists, insulation materials should be put in place after dry chemical (it is about a week). cleaning wood mounting block Hausa 3. The application of chemical protection unit Hausa. The figure shows how to spray a liquid chemical on the surface of the wood, this should be used garden sprayer. If you want to treat a small area, it is easier to use a brush or broom. Liquid flow rate of 1 liter per 4 square meters of the surface. After soaking, apply a second coat Wait 24 hours. If you plan to install a new wooden parts, then expose them the same treatment as if trebketsya, it is a comprehensive protection of wood from decay and fire.