Billboard Production

Manufacture of billboards – for now thriving niche market for goods and services. The modern city is difficult to imagine how without neon signs and bright shop windows, and no large, towering above the daily bustle of metal structures and promotional stands. Production of advertising pedestals begins with the decision in terms of paper on which is printed information, whether it is branding or stock information in a commercial bank. Printing on adhesive tape, paper acceptable density of the adhesive-impregnated or tarpaulin. Banner fabric is not for nothing is the most durable of all the above types of paper, replacing it is absolutely not needed. High-density paper – a very cheap material, it can easily break or come off, and the term of no more than a paper poster of the month, and then paste it. Another of products, is now advertising agencies, is making advertising pillars. Pillar – is a bilateral or unilateral, the portable design, which is located on the surface of advertising information.

Key parts pillar – the frame (made from thin-walled steel pipes of various diameters) and interchangeable panels with the information in the role which usually come from plastic or metal sheets. Pillars divided into rectangular and arched, double and single. Pillars, to avoid theft, attached to any well-fixed structure. Very widely used type of product advertising agencies – Production billboards 3×6, in fact, this size is perfectly suited for highways and city streets, these advertising platforms can reliably attract potential customers. For the manufacture of panels 3×6 m are taken metal corners and strips, which are fastened and sheathed with plywood, which pocle billboard covered with a double layer of varnish to protect the product from the negative impact of the environment. The surface of the billboard made of galvanized sheet metal. Production of promotional booths also not left unattended advertisers because of their significance for the promotion of a product or business development is difficult to overestimate, because advertising on the stands is possible to arrange, for example, in the hall shopping center, they will be helpful in organizing and promotion.