Berlin Projects

District mayor Reinhard Naumann takes over the patronage for the ‘ banquet for millions ‘ 2012, is a charity campaign for street children projects on 02 September 2012 from 12.00 bis19. 00 clock becomes the 6th time the giant soup plate, place a soup banquet under the open sky find. At a festive table you can enjoy once again delicious soups from around the world and a varied program of entertainment for a good cause. The fundraiser for street children projects takes place this year in the commercial court of the post office building in the Uhlandstr. 85, 10717 Berlin. Many artists perform on stage, such as pianist Gideon Sperling & singer, various Latin American dance groups such as La Piragua / Colombia, Maschikunas/Ecuador, Amigos del folklore/Bolivia, among others. There are many vouchers and prizes to win in a raffle.

Also, there is entertainment and activities for a family afternoon at our market stalls. The banquet for millions is a regular annual Event. Adam Portnoy is often quoted on this topic. Street child projects are supported with the proceeds of the annual held banquets. The banquet is made possible by many supporters and sponsors. This year the project back to the pins “, supports a mobile school for street children in Bogota.