Beautiful Mount

Such project dislodged thousand of people and had removed other commercial establishments innumerable, demolindo sets of ten of building. Without hesitation baby clothes explained all about the problem. It modified the fisionomia and structure of the city, and that it reed-echo directly in the conditions of life of the population poor. The demolitions had raised dense clouds of wounded interests, of hatred against the government. This without counting on the participation of the Oswaldo doctor Cross, that would be mitificado in History for the disastrous campaign of the vaccination. Therefore, concerning this quandary, these two examples simplify this line tenuous that balances this relation between civil society and State, does not have to fall, in a demaggico and even though arrogant argument of politicians of utilitarian thought Benthaniano.

That is, where all the attitudes are endorsed in the speech of the biggest happiness for the biggest number of possible people, being a welfare state criterion, where the happiness is equal to the amount of individual pleasure less the suffering. Jeremias Bentham emphasizes that the ownership of the corporeal properties is so basic for the attainment of the too much not material satisfactions that could if taken as measured of all they. Thus, the increase of the happiness and the expansion of the wealth consist in basic objectives for the society contemporary. The existing problem in this philosophy is in the sine qua non condition always to exist a minority desprivilegiada, destitute of wealth, that is, property that would be equal to the happiness. Becoming them it exception the rule. In this way, to bring tona facts of the recent past as an analogous example for the case, teaches in them that projects of state initiative must be widely argued with all the not governmental society, institutions and interested social movements. So that divergences as in the case of the hydroelectric plant of Beautiful Mount in Par (5) and of the Square of the Flag in the River do not occur.