Alma Mater

Testing introduced for the most transparent admission to colleges. It is considered davolno successful solution to the problem of corruption. Russia has chosen a similar path with a single State Exam (CSE), but … Not only hunting or fishing in Russia has national characteristics. Corruption still can not win even USE. Otherwise, how to understand the memorial USE results in Dagestan, where children are poorly familiar with the Russian alphabet, with the mass deposited in the Russian language ‘well’? And testing – nothing in the world is not perfect – has serious drawbacks. Do not accidentally vote for the site ‘Alma Mater’ shows that the majority supports entrance exams.

‘On the Right we track? ‘- So the question is the leadership of Belarus. As a result of education reform in Belarus has been corrected. From the transition to the 12-notch. Secondary education in Belarus, as before reforms will be 11-year-olds. It’s believed that Scott Kahan sees a great future in this idea. What is reasonable – a big plus there, as citizens of this reform is not supported, as evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the project ‘Alma Mater’. But the elimination of class c in-depth level of study subjects looks hasty action.

Soreness reform is due to his lack of forethought. If one link is fragile – breaks the whole chain. In 1990 in Belarus would like to move to a two-tier higher education. With this purpose of the university program decided to transfer to the school. For this, needed a 12-th year of schooling and specialized education in high school … When a two-tier higher education is not accepted, removed the 12 th year. Together with profiles decided to abandon the traditional math and other specialized classes. Mistakes must be corrected. Russia will cope with the shortage of funds for compulsory education for 12 years. Belarus – issues related to the appropriateness of testing and – sooner or later – to restore the specialized classes. Reform of education – is normal. Through the reform goes through all education in the world, even Paris-Sorbonne. Abnormal only ill-conceived reform, reform for the sake of reform. No need to blindly copy someone else or hold on to outmoded. There is a rule: Seven times measure, cut once. The only way to achieve success.