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Technical directive binding here is relevant, meddling by the contracting authority in the work and the requirements for execution of works are like concrete. In particular, if there are many different ways to perform the work, suggest strict requirements on a technical Weisungsgebundenheit and a status of the worker. No own occurrence on the market if the so-called free not to any significant extent in the market is working, is this for a bogus. Supervisors of workers are always workers supervisor of workers. The Landesarbeitsgericht Cologne has decided in this case that employees with authority for workers provide their performance not in a free service contract, since it was hardly possible to exert a leadership task that necessarily binds the Jobholder in the organisation of the employer, direction-independent. A Department head, the workforce on behalf of an employer whose management right to exercise has, is its workers (Landesarbeitsgericht Cologne, judgment dated 12.01.2010, ref.: 12 429/09, SA – juris-). Similar activities will be in operation by workers are done comparable activities in the operation of workers done, again, this is an indication of a status of the worker. 4.

difficulties of proof of can be in times of modern means of communication often well the Weisungsgebundenheit and thus the status of worker, because instructions are often given via email. Just when the work instructions into the detail, this points to a Weisungsgebundenheit of the employee. A post by lawyer Alexander Polymath, Berlin lawyer specializing in labour law polymath Willkomm lawyers Berlin-Charlottenburg: Kurfurstendamm 216 (corner of pheasant road), 10719 Berlin (Metro station Uhlandstrasse, suburban trains and Metro station Zoologischer Garten) Berlin-Mitte: Palais am Festungsgraben, 10117 Berlin, access via road under den Linden (rail and subway station Friedrichstrasse) Branch Office Berlin-Marzahn: Marzahn promenade 28, 12679 Berlin (Bahn Marzahn) Potsdam: Friedrich-Ebert-Strasse 33, 14469 Potsdam Tel. (030) 4 000 4 999 E-mail: about labour law: