Advertising-Drafting Ad

Consider item 1 of the formula: The title attracts attention. The headline should attract the attention of the target audience (like a red rag to a bull), is achieved by using "power words" such as: Stop, Attention, Money, Ay, help, Comrades, Citizens, Fire, Hey, Want Want, etc. These words should carry a powerful emotional charge and act on a person on a subconscious level. If you tell anyone in the home setting the word "Stop!" – it will take significant time and effort moral to disobey orders. In most cases, it will first execute the order, and then begin to discuss what was going on. Try pick up such "powerful speech", which frankly is not very ordered, warned of the danger (which do not contain negative). I draw your attention that the selection of these words and phrases you need not break out of the concept of an advertising spot, do not create a negative image. It must be remembered that the man is 7 times stronger and more responsive to negative (risk) than positive (welfare). In the title fairly 02.05 words. For clarity, try to make the advertising message for a media advertising studios 'Paradoxxx'. Item 1: WARNING Example: Tornado advertising.