Advertising Ads

Many of the designers and advertising producers now seek to amuse, entertain or win competitions, especially among advertising agencies, in designing their promotional ideas. Is that what advertisers really want in advertising? Is that why you hire an advertising agency? Are our advertising campaigns or actual occurrences contests strategically well-directed efforts, heading? Judith writer Charles defines advertising as a Oeun seller behind a machine write . From this then conclude that the goal of every advertiser that their ads should be sold, not like or do not like. The poster should not be concerned about whether people like or do not like your posts or if they are entertaining.

If this happens, great, but the ads are as main objective to increase sales and profits of the advertiser. Everywhere we see ads in print, television, film or online, on radio, very beautiful and impressive. The question is: Are these ads actually persuaded to buy? Do you generate positioning? Were these ads created to sell or win competitions among advertising agencies? Commercials with very deep concepts (which only means that had the creative idea) and a large investment in production, is suddenly not so effective to sell or to generate brand positioning. Sometimes very affordable ads, written in a simple and direct do a good job selling and positioning.